If you’re anything like millions people all over the world. You dream of starting up your own business. However, most of us don’t even end up attempting to start our own business due to variety of reasons.

The biggest factor stopping most people is the assumption that they need a huge chunk of cash to get started. However, you no longer need thousands of dollars to get started in business. There are tons of online business ideas and ways to make passive income that don’t cost much to get started. Passive income is a powerful way to build long-term, sustainable wealth.

Here are six different businesses you can start with next to no money:

In-home services

These businesses don’t cost anything to start because you’re providing a service, primarily you’re providing your time and getting compensated for that. You could start a dog-walking or pet-sitting service, or even something like landscaping. This is a type of business that you can easily start from the comfort of your own home.


You don’t need to have an MBA or have an IQ the 165 to become a consultant. There are thousands of people starting online consulting businesses all over the world right now. A consultant is simply someone who takes a customer from their current situation to their desired situation. People are willing to pay good money for expertise and speed. If you aren’t already an expert at something, you’d be surprised how quickly you can up-skill yourself and become an expert in a niche of your choosing.

Product Reselling

product reselling

The idea behind product resale is really simple. You acquire products and sell them on to other people. This is called drop-shipping. Drop-shipping is a fantastic way to start an online business as you don’t need to hold stock of any products yourself. When someone orders something, it is directly shipped from the manufacturer. This type of business requires almost zero startup investment and with the right level of skill and determination, you can build a highly profitable drop-shipping business.

Your Own CreationsĀ 

If you’re into your arts and crafts, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to share your skills with the world. If you like to create anything from bracelets to pendants and paintings you can sell your creations on sites like Etsy. There are many success stories on Etsy of people building wonderful businesses around their passion which is great to see.

Hopefully you’ve now got a brief idea of the opportunities that are available to you when it comes to business. You can start a business for almost nothing, you just need to find something that suits you and go for it.