So you love affiliate marketing, right?

Affiliate marketing has got to be one of the most attractive business models that we have available to us in this day and age. It’s a business model that requires no introduction. You can start as an affiliate for next to nothing, and truly transform your business into something that makes passive income, month after month.

The stories of people sipping pina coladas on the beach aren’t all lies. They’re the god honest truth. People all over the world are discovering incredible opportunities to build businesses that are almost entirely automated.

Something that isn’t as hands-off as affiliate marketing is consulting. Consutling is business model that simply imvolves solving a problem for someone. Taking them from their current situation, to their desired situation.

It’s also a great example of an online business that can be started for next to nothing and grown into something that produces a multiple six or even seven figure income for people.

When it comes to consulting, there’s one person who’s a cut above the rest. He goes by the name of Sam Ovens and he’s created an incredible course that helps people get started in this new type of business from scratch.

The great thing about consulting businesses is that they can be grown to a point where you can outsource the majority of the work, allowing you to enjoy that sweet passive income that we all crave in our lives.

Anyways, enough about consulting, let’s talk about affiliate marketing! Affiliate marketing is one of the thousands of passive income ideas you can leverage to create an extra income for yourself.

For most people, this starts out really small but the potential for growth is huge.

There are many bloggers and affiliate marketers out there that make six figures a month from their blogs alone.

For example, this nails and makeup blog makes $5000 in passive income every single month.

Crazy right?

A six-figure income every single month from a blog! What could they possibly be writing about?

Well, you don’t need to be a writing genius to create an income through affiliate marketing. You just need to find a niche that you’re interested in and deliver value in a way to people in places where you can reach them.

So you must think about content, traffic and conversions. These are the 3 tenets of a successful affiliate marketing strategy.

So why is affiliate marketing so good for passive income?

Affiliate marketing stands out from the rest when it comes to passive income because it’s so hands-off in nature. This type of business is more hands-off than almost any other business model.


Because you don’t need to take on clients. As an affiliate, your goal is to add value and refer people to relevant products and services that suit them. And once you set up the systems that do this, you could leave for a month and still make those commissions.

Which is definitely passive income!

We’re extremely fond of affiliate marketing because of how much everything can be automated. Most people say that a business can’t be truly automated.

And this is true, to a certain extent. But with this business model, you’ll be as close as you can possibly get to create an income stream that’s 100% passive.

So what are you waiting for?

Your passive income affiliate marketing business awaits you!