Affiliate Marketing: The process of earning commissions by promoting other company’s products or services.

You choose a company that you enjoy, promote it to potential customers, convert the visitors to customers, earn a piece of the profit for everything you sell.

You, the affiliate marketer makes commissions, the company is satisfied because they have new customers from outlets they may have not been able to target, and the customer is happy because you solved a problem or fulfilled a desire from your recommendation.

The most attractive aspect to affiliate marketing is that the person can become a successful entrepreneur without having to create and design a product, deal with customers, or literally any of the other stresses in a business. An affiliate marketer just begins selling as soon as they have a platform and appropriate audience to market to. Simple.

Affiliate marketing is something I discovered a few years back when I wanted to start an online business. This was an awesome platform for my previous situation of having little savings and big dreams of being a successful entrepreneur. I discovered some great affiliate marketing training and promoted all kinds of companies in the online business niche from landing page platforms, website creation companies, online courses etc.

The Two Most Important Rules I Have for Affiliate Marketing

Before I go on to explain all the strategies to become a successful affiliate marketer, there are a few rules I abide by when promoting products and services that are not mine. These are just a few things that helped me become a successful affiliate as well as growing a positive reputation for myself.

I only recommend products that I have used, been a customer of, and support. I prefer promoting products and services that I have used and helped solve a problem that I had. If I’m not 100% sure about the company, I won’t promote them.

I never tell anyone to buy anything. I will usually just mention the products and recommend it and explain my experience with it. If people connect to it, and want to experience the things that I have, then they will buy. No need to push anything on anyone.

Moral of the story, being an honest affiliate will pay off in the end. When you are recommending quality products, reviewing the honestly, and giving them the option to check it out instead of shoving it down their throats will help in the long run. Trust me.

Affiliate Marketing Basic Strategies:

Dominate ONE Industry 

Don’t fall into the hype and try to sell a hundred things at once. The best strategy when picking products to be an affiliate for is picking one niche, building a killer authority and focus on one aspect of an industry. Then dominate it.

Reach the Epitome of Content

Creating the most value for your website visitors is having the best content in the industry. One of the greatest things about being an affiliate marketer is the ability to act quickly and provide value with content marketing compared to established brands who can’t be so agile.

Make goals of publishing insane content as often as possible. Each piece of content should inform customers on updated information, different angels on a topic, and fresh personality that your visitors will love.

(Btw, Google loves when you provide more value than everyone else in the industry. You’ll be rewarded in rankings.)

Create Recurring Income from Your Affiliate Sales

Everything involved with online business is constantly changing, and as an affiliate, you’re going to want to ensure that your whole business doesn’t become irrelevant because of the rapid changes online.

The two ways to ensure a recurring income is by diversifying your affiliate programs and building your recurring income.

Try avoiding one time pay-offs. They won’t protect you against major changes in your company. This may not be an available option in every industry, but having a recurring revenue in your will give you a peace of mind that no matter what happens, you’ll receive a certain amount of income per month.

Diversify Your Traffic Source

Speaking of having a secured income, relying on a single traffic source can be dangerous because of how much Google continues to change their algorithms.

Remember in 2011 when a bunch of successful affiliate marketers woke up knowing that they were going to go out of businesses in a matter of days because of Google’s release of the Panda update.

Having multiple sources of traffic will ensure that your business is strong no matter what happens. If Google releases an update that hurts your company and you have Pinterest, Facebook, and guest posts that drive thousands of people to your website, then your business won’t be effected.